Our Vision

TechRock uses the power of data to design products and services that empower real estate agents to deliver a best-in-class experience to their clients.

About us

About TechRock

At TechRock we are pioneers in reimagining the brokerage of real estate by developing data-driven products and services so that real estate Agents can successfully navigate and realise the aspirations of their most demanding clients and build meaningful, dedicated relationships along their lifecycle.


Designed for Growth

TechRock empowers agents to be successful by designing AI-driven products and services with digitally embedded best practice. The resulting real estate ecosystem based on three pillars is scalable and adaptable, enabling market penetration and worldwide geographical expansion.

TechRock Ecosystem Pillars
Backdrop Ecosystem

Engagement Platform

At the core is a central platform driving traceable, interactive, automated and cost-efficient homeowner engagement, introducing a radical shift from a transactional to a lifecycle focus.

Operating System

TechRock’s operating system delivers fully automated processes to ensure digitised agent steering.

Digital Brokerage

TechRock conquers new markets by introducing an asset-light digital agent model offering a disruptive and highly competitive compensation structure to entrepreneurial agents.


Team & Founder

TechRock is proud to have an international, passionate team of venture-building, business and tech experts embarking on the mission to disrupt the real industry that is ripe for change. We are driven, motivated and innovative team players with the curiosity to develop new ways, the ambition to push change, and the boldness to tackle challenges.

Supported by founder Christian Völkers, visionary and industry leader with more than 40 years of expertise brokering premium real estate. His unique understanding of real estate operations and a clear vision of how to transform them has led Engel & Völkers to be one of the worldwide leading real estate companies.

Christian Völkers TechRock

His passion for branding and design drove and established Engel & Völkers’ premier global brand positioning. Christian has disrupted his own company several times. The continuous evolution of the Engel & Völkers business model was key to the company’s outstanding track record of consecutive top line growth.